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order factory enterprise pettenon cosmetics listing ecommerce b2b
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Pettenon Cosmetics Spa

A long road to beauty: this is the one travelled by Pettenon Cosmetics for over 60 years. The Padua-based company offers specific treatments for hair and skin care, supporting the Made in Italy quality of professional products for hairdressers and beauticians, in Italy and abroad. Pettenon chose Ecommerce B2B Order Factory Enterprise with multi-language support (6 languages), to enter the international market, with the possibility for its customers to make complex orders in a few clicks, and that of configuring canvasses and offers, even with particular price/product combinations, so as to meet every market need. All with a customised interface.

order factory enterprise centrofarc listing ecommerce b2b
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Centrofarc Spa

Centrofarc is one of Italy’s leading distribution groups for professional hygiene solutions and disposable products. The Bechi family, at the helm of the company for over 40 years, chose our Ecommerce B2B Order Factory Enterprise for customer order management. A portal with dedicated features, including two Additional Modules: the catalogue with product variants, which can be consulted by anyone, at any time, and the News Module. Dynamic interface customised according to the customer accessing the portal.

order factory enterprise rekico listing ecommerce b2b
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Rekico Caffè

A history of quality, that of Rekico Caffè. A point of reference in the Italian roasting sector since 1996. A constant evolution, that of the Romagna-based company that embraces coffee, tea and herbal teas, and a complete merchandising line for the Horeca and vending sector, through to training, masters and consulting. The B2B Ecommerce Order Factory Enterprise of Rekico, offers customers a choice of packaging for the products in the catalogue, and enables an advanced order management. Allows Rekico sales agents to access B2B E-commerce to place orders for their customers. Customised interface.

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A reference brand for the equestrian world. A company, founded in Padua in 1989, born out of a love for horses and a focus on innovation, technique and beauty. Equiline’s vision is pioneering and eco-sustainable, an Order Factory Enterprise extremely customised to the needs of each company. Portal with Customised and advanced product variant module, B2B multi-store E-commerce with dedicated catalogue management, purchase flow and interface with advanced customisation: additional information for each product, shopping cart with multi-variant product management, line notes and product customisation requests. Equiline sales agents can also access the portal and place orders for their customers.

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Maison Dolci

Maison Dolci has been distributing goodness since 1998: a house of excellence that imports and sells, on an exclusive basis, international food brands for products dedicated to pastry shops, ice cream parlours, chocolate shops, and the horeca sector. Taste experiences, unique flavours, age-old methods for professionals looking for top quality and technical performance. Precisely for its professional customers, Maison Dolci proposes our B2B Ecommerce Order Factory for optimal management of their orders.

order factory enterprise mavedo listing ecommerce b2b
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Mavedo, since 1953, has been distributing Food & Beverage: food products such as sweets and candies, beverages such as coffee, barley, herbal teas, up to wines, spirits, liqueurs. More than 100 labels, from the finest to products sold exclusively. For its B2B customers, Mavedo has chosen our Order Factory Enterprise multilingual, italian and english, and multi-currency, with integration of direct PayPal and credit card payments via the Stripe infrastructure.

leopet order factory ecommerce B2B
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Leopet has been selling pet products since 2013. The company was born in Tuscany out of love for the Pet world: a growing reality not only on the Italian market, but also internationally. To automate mobile order collection, Leopet has chosen our Ecommerce B2B Order Factory for its professional customers. For its commercial network instead, our Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise software. Among the features of the Software, the personalized management of promotions and the possibility of quickly scanning the barcodes of Pet products with external devices connected to the Tablet via Bluetooth.